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Elliegalaxies, everyone.

I had to cut the video down so my phone would send it thus no one being able to see the incredible part where I say “THIS IS GOING ON TUMBLR!” and sound scouse and Ellie freaks out and says “I’m being bullied by hipsters!” and then she gets hit in the face again with another straw wrapper

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    omg i just watched this again and i am peeing myself laughing HAHAHA
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Hey, I'm 17 and I complain a lot. I love Taylor Swift. I love Hunter Hayes. I love almost all music (but mostly country at the moment). I draw things a lot. I also don't really know why you're here, but thank you!

I mainly post Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes(perf human being), superheroes, youtubers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and other stuff which tickles my fancy.

oh, and my name's Nataszija, but call me Tassy(if you want).

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